The Perfect Grapefruit Cocktail Pairings

Pink fizzing drinks with garnish and ice

That refreshing, pleasantly tart flavor of grapefruit is as versatile as lemon or lime, though often overlooked. Naturally, serving a grapefruit cocktail allows for endless food pairing possibilities. Whether your specialty is brunch or you have the urge to grill out, break up the monotony by serving your guests a chilled grapefruit cocktail. Then, explore these perfect grapefruit cocktail pairings. 

The mimosa is a quintessential brunch choice, as the typical mimosa includes orange juice. Grapefruit offers similar notes to an orange, but a bit more tartness. This bite is a great compliment to the variety of sweet, decadent dishes you may serve during brunch such as french toast, waffles or jam.  

As a rule of thumb, think about foods you would squirt with lemon or orange juice to easily determine dishes that would pair well with grapefruit. With this thought in mind, meals that include fish, lobster or crab are great lunch or dinner options. 

Beer, seltzer or cider are the typical drinks of choice for barbecue. However, the sweet, smokey flavor of the meat is also a great pairing with the lightness and fresh flavor of grapefruit. An unexpected cocktail choice is always a nice addition to a meal when entertaining. 

When deciding your menu for your next gathering, keep things simple and opt for the cocktail that pairs well with virtually anything.

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