Fall Decor Ideas: Deck the Halls for Fall - Uptown Cocktails

The summer sun is setting, and fall is right around the corner. Soon the leaves will be changing, scarves will be draping, and pumpkin spice lattes will be pouring. After spending summer enjoying the outdoors, you might be realizing you’ve neglected to update your home decor as you settle inside for the colder seasons. But what better time than now to spruce up your space with some fall flair? We’ve compiled a couple tips and ideas to turn your home into an autumn vision, and as always, we don’t think it’ll be complete without Uptown Cocktails.

Look Outside!

Don’t have a lot of money to blow on high-end fall decor and cornucopias? No worries! Lots of fun DIY fall decor can come from things you find outside. Gather a big bunch of colorful leaves and sticks, or go to a pumpkin patch and stock up. You can preserve leaves by putting them between wax paper, laying a towel on top and ironing over them gently, then hanging them in the sun afterwards. Use some leaves and sticks to make a wreath, table centerpiece, or accessorized string lights. Pumpkins are an essential fall item, and have many decorative possibilities. In addition to carving, they are perfect canvases for paint, and even work great as is on your porch or in your home as decorations.

Cozy Color Coding

We’d be remiss to ignore the beauty of colors that are in abundance during the fall. Bring the vibrant vibes inside by color coding your furnishings. There are classic colors like burnt orange, forest green, and beige, and some other less popular but nonetheless cozy colors like mustard yellow, river blue, and light pink. If you’re looking for a bit more intense hue, try a deep red! You can easily look outside to see which colors combine best, but if you need some extra help, we recommend oranges and yellows mixed with browns and beiges, as well as pinks and reds with blues and greens. It’s your space, so it’s truly up to you and your preferences.

Do Your Bottles A Service

If you’re looking for items to color code with, look no further than Uptown Cocktails! Our 1.5 liter and 750 mL bottles are the perfect shape and size to fit right in with your kitchen, island, or bar. Below are four fall-colored flavors to find that we think would match perfectly with your fall decor.

  • Our Piña Colada is a plain and piercing white, easy to match with any color of your choice. Put it among some foliage with nuts and berries to really stand out as a centerpiece.

  • The classic green of our Lime Margarita would look great with some mini pumpkins, orange and white alike. Try different ways of placing the bottle between the pumpkins for a standout addition to your bar.

  • You might have to look twice, our Mango Margarita could certainly pass as a pumpkin. Place a bottle next to some decorative basket art for a porch-side paradise.

  • A beautiful brown, our Chocolatini is richly aromatic. Position a bottle next to some incense to incentivize you to take the night off and listen to the sounds of fall.

For more tips and tricks utilizing our pre-mixed Uptown Cocktails, visit our Pinterest.