Five Foods that Pair with a Margarita - Uptown Cocktails

Pairing tart, citrus cocktails with food is a balancing act between the tartness and accompanying flavors. For this reason, it’s easiest to pick the right dishes by steering clear of citrus-heavy dishes. Instead, opt for mild, fresh flavors with only a hint of lemon or lime, if needed. Go with a dish with a spicy kick. The citrus will mellow out the spice. Or, opt for a dish with a bit of sweetness to cut the tartness of the lime. Here are five foods that pair perfectly with a margarita, especially an Uptown Cocktails Margarita!

Pineapple Penang Curry

Sweet and tart are two flavor profiles that are complementary. This rich, sweet dish is a combination of coconut milk, pineapple chunks, penang curry and your choice of protein. The subtle sweetness and heavy spice of this curry marry well with lime.   

Nashville Hot Chicken

The beauty of chicken is that, as a meat mild in flavor, it takes on the flavors of anything added to it more intensely. So, marinating chicken strips or breasts in a hot sauce bath before frying it infuses it with a ton of flavor. Besides Nashville hot fried chicken just being an iconic dish, it’s the perfect pairing here because the acidity and tartness of the lime will work overtime to beat the heat. 


The rich, spicy flavor profiles found in Creole food are perfect to pair with a cold margarita. Jambalaya is just what it sounds like, a medley of lots of ingredients — heavy spices, sausage, chicken, seafood and earthy vegetables such as okra. Hearty, savory dishes are best washed down with a cocktail that’s light and refreshing.

California Rolls

Sushi is the perfect finger food for gatherings and parties and the fresh, mild flavor of California rolls pair with just about any cocktail you’d like. The mellow taste of the avocado and the subtle sweetness of crab allow for more boldness in flavor with the cocktail of choice.

Grilled Salmon

Similar to chicken, salmon is relatively mild and lends itself well to heavy flavor such as sauces, glazes or spice. Opting for a lightly seasoned salmon and a touch of lemon allows for bolder flavor in the cocktail.