The Best Piña Colada Food Pairings - Uptown Cocktails

That sweet, refreshing cocktail that you sip on the beach can now be enjoyed in your own home. What better way to celebrate the arrival of summer than with a dinner party and piña coladas? Though the possibilities for piña colada food pairings may seem limited, there are actually lots of great options for shareable dishes. Here are a few to add to your rotation. 


Take some inspiration from the tropics when choosing your menu. Jerk chicken or shrimp, spicy tuna, or fish tacos all have spice and a medley of flavors that balance the sweetness of the cocktail. 


It may also be a good idea to think about foods that include coconut, as this is one of the main ingredients in a piña colada. Lots of Thai curries are made with coconut milk and, thus, would be a harmonious menu option. 


When thinking of dishes that would compliment the sweetness of the cocktail, opt for something smoky such as grilled vegetables or meats. The char and smoke mellows out the sweetness for those who prefer a more tart cocktail. 


Ahead of your next fun night in, learn more about our new Uptown Cocktails Piña Colada. You can find more food pairing tips on our Pinterest page!