FAQ - Uptown Cocktails



Our Uptown Cocktails are delicious, premixed cocktails made with wine and all natural ingredients. Expertly mixed with a 13.9% ABV, we use no corn syrup or artificial flavors and are kosher certified to ensure the best possible drinking experience for you.

You can always check the store locator to find which of our Uptown Cocktails flavors can be found closest to you.

You can find nutritional info for our Uptown Cocktails at this link. Please note that carb
amounts are interchangeable for sugar.

Our current Uptown Cocktails roster includes Lime Margarita, Strawberry Margarita, Mango Margarita, Chocolatini, Piña Colada, Blue Hawaiian, Caribbean Punch, and Lemon Tea


You can order Uptown Cocktails online through third-party delivery sites like Drizly or Instacart.

 We currently do not ship Uptown Cocktails directly to consumers. You can check our store locator to find which of our Uptown Cocktail flavors can be found closest to you. If you want to purchase Uptown Cocktails for your store, check out our distributors list.

Please refrigerate your Uptown Cocktails bottle after opening and consume within 14 days of opening. Be sure to check the Julian date on the bottom of the bottle to ensure you do not have an expired product.

We use a YYDDD Julian Date on our Uptown Cocktails. The Julian Date is a code that represents the date a product was manufactured or packaged. Our cocktails have a recommended shelf life of 18 months post-Julian Date.

Our Uptown Cocktails are made with a wine base and natural mixed ingredients. Some of our flavors contain fruit juice such as our margaritas and Blue Hawaiian, while others contain dairy cream like our Chocolatini or Piña Colada. There is no corn syrup, nuts, artificial sweeteners, or artificial flavoring.

Yes! All of our premixed Uptown Cocktails are gluten-free.

Yes! All of our Uptown Cocktails are kosher-certified.

Our fruit-forward Uptown Cocktails flavors are vegan, but our cream-based Piña Colada and Chocolatini flavors do contain dairy.

No, none of our flavors contain caffeine.

Each 1.5-liter Uptown Cocktails bottle has about eight servings (6 ounces/187mL per serving). We also sell a 750mL bottle that has four 6 oz servings.

It depends on the state and retailer, but on average, our Uptown Cocktails cost $15 for a 1.5-liter bottle and $11 for a 750mL bottle.

We think they taste best cold, shaken, and poured over ice as is.

We do not recommend freezing our glass bottles for any duration of time, but we do recommend refrigerating our products

It’s normal for some of our flavors (Blue Hawaiian, Lemon Tea) to have pulp settle at the bottom since we use natural citric juices. Just give it a good shake before you open and pour out the cocktail!

Yes! Our Uptown Cocktails are premixed and ready to drink. However, you’re always welcome to try mixing our Uptown Cocktails with other juices or mixers that match your flavor preference.

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