What Foods Pair With Chocolate Martinis - Uptown Cocktails

Treat your guests to an indulgent evening of Uptown Cocktails Chocolatinis and great company. Since the star of the show is chocolate martinis, go simple with the food that accompanies it. Though it may be tempting to try to get fancy with the food pairings and introduce your guests to a savory dish that they are unaware pairs well with chocolate, this may not be a welcomed choice by your guests. So, opt for savory dishes that are known to have cacao as an ingredient, if you’d like to craft a three-course meal around chocolate martinis.  

The easiest way to begin the evening is with a charcuterie board. The element of sweet and savory is already present with an assortment of jams and breads paired with pungent, earthy cheeses. Brie and bleu cheese are known to pair well with chocolate, but you also can’t go wrong with an assortment of mild, nutty cheeses.  

For the main course, chicken mole or a nice cut of beef with a chocolate port wine sauce are the safest bets. Your guests may be familiar with these dishes but, even if they are not, they may be comforted by the cacao present in these dishes, making them less intimidating.  

The simplest course to pair chocolate martinis with is, undoubtedly dessert. Here, the world is your oyster. Opting for fruit instead of chocolate is a great move here to avoid chocolate overload as chocolate martinis are often rich. 


Ahead of your next chocolate martini dinner party, learn more about our Uptown Cocktails Chocolatini.