For the Beer Drinkers: Mango Beer 'Rita - Uptown Cocktails

To appease the avid beer drinker in your life, try this delicious beer ‘rita recipe that has a bit of a twist. Shake up an Uptown Cocktails Mango Margarita and float some Mexican lager or one of your favorite light beers over the top. Here’s the rundown on this super simple beer ‘rita recipe. 


Cocktail shaker, 3 margarita glasses


Rock salt

Lime wedge to rim glass

Mexican lager

2 oz fresh lime juice

Uptown Mango Margarita


Lime wedge to garnish


Wipe the lime wedge around the rim of the margarita glass.

Rim the glass with rock salt. 

In a cocktail shaker, pour the lime juice, ice, and Uptown Mango Margarita and shake.

Strain into the prepared glasses. Top off with beer floater. 

Garnish with a lime.


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