Planning Your Perfect Summer To Do List - Uptown Cocktails

Summer is right around the corner, but unfortunately the older you get, the less exciting that fact might be for you. What used to signify an endless stream of trips, travels, and all around fun, now means you still have your same long list of responsibilities, it’s just a hotter outside. But just because summer isn’t one giant vacation anymore doesn’t mean you can’t take steps to make the most of it. Your pockets of freedom can be filled with good friends, better times, and the best cocktails. Keep reading for some top tips on how to create the perfect summer to do list that makes your day to day seem like one big adventure. And hey, with a glass of Uptown Cocktails in hand, isn’t anything possible?

Werkin’ 5-9

Your 5-9 may not actually be from 5-9 pm, but we’re talking about anytime you aren’t busy with your to-dos for the day. One great way to keep your days unique and exciting is to make an activity calendar. Start by listing out things you’d like to do this summer. These could be restaurants/shops you want to visit, movies you want to see, friends you want to spend time with, intramural sports nights, and any other social or solo activities you do or want to try. Once you have this list, map them all out on your calendar! Fill in your scheduled activities first and fill in the rest as you go. Leave some extra days blank for spontaneous or stay at home days. How you fill it is up to you, but make sure you have a couple Uptown Cocktails nights on there.

A Few Breaks and a Pour

If your summer is shaping up to be more mild than wild, it’s important to find pockets in your routine to take a break! Taking breaks can help you be more productive when it’s time to work, helping you finish faster and have more free time to fill with things like we mentioned above. Taking a break is a good time to get some small summer exercises in (get some sun and stretch, take a walk, shoot some hoops, finish a chapter in that book) and have a drink If we have to spell it out, yes we’re talking Uptown Cocktails!

Go Big or Go Home

It would be silly if we expected you to spend the summer all work and no play. If you have a decent break in your schedule, go treat yo self! A vacation, staycation, or anywhere in between, take some time to fully focus on YOU. Whatever R&R looks like for you is what you should be doing, whether it be a new book to read, show to binge, place to visit, or even the ultimate tanning or napping marathon. Notice how all of those ideas (besides napping, maybe) go perfect with a good cocktail? We may have done that on purpose. To us nothing screams summer like a glass of Uptown Cocktails.

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