The Perfect Charcuterie Board Cheeses - Uptown Cocktails

Serving a beautifully layered charcuterie board doesn’t have to be as intimidating as it may look. All it takes is proper planning and understanding of the textures and flavors that meld well together. Obviously, the cheese is the main reason for the charcuterie board. So, getting this right means you’re halfway there. Look no further for the perfect charcuterie board cheeses! 


As a rule of thumb, there are four types of cheeses that should be included in your board: soft, hard, aged and blue. Examples of soft cheeses are: camembert, ricotta, brie or goat cheese. Popular hard cheeses chosen for charcuterie boards according to what is readily available at the average grocery store are asiago and gruyere. Many opt for an aged cheddar, havarti, or goat gouda and, for the bleu cheese, danish blue or gorgonzola are great options. 


When choosing the cheeses, remember to offer a range of options from mild to sharp in flavor. Arranging the cheeses in order from mild to sharp helps guests choose the cheese(s) that suit their palettes best. 

It’s a good practice to layer in some sweet jams, honey, or fruits to balance the flavor of the strong cheeses and some color to the board. 


To discover some sweet cocktails that pair well with a variety of cheeses, visit our Pinterest. If you’re looking for the perfect cocktail to pair with your charcuterie board cheeses, look no further than Uptown Cocktails.