Celebrate Valentine’s Day On a Budget - Uptown Cocktails

Say what you want about Valentine’s Day, it knows how to rack up a bill. Dinners, gifts, jewelry, chocolates, a huge bear (???), and more have become an expected element of showing your love to your significant other or bestie. But with all the other responsibilities life brings, it can be hard to budget for a day with such lavish expectations. We think there’s some ways to show you care that are just as effective without breaking the bank. Below we’ve summarized our ideas on how to woo without your wallet in hopes that this year’s Valentine’s Day is one for the memories. Spoiler alert, we are going to recommend purchasing some Uptown Cocktails.

Send Your Sentiments

Even if you have a significant other, chances are there are some other people in your life you want to show love to on Valentine’s Day. Start your morning reaching out to those people and telling them you love them. Some examples could be family, close friends, past or present mentors, simply anyone in your life that you appreciate. Whether it’s a call, text, or visit, letting these people know you’re thinking of them on this day goes a long way.

You can bring them a little gift or token of gratitude if you’d like, but even just some sincere words can be just what they’re looking for. Use this gesture to recall special memories, things they’ve taught you, things you love about them, or things you hope to do with them in the future. If you do want to bring a gift, we suggest a bottle of their favorite Uptown Cocktails flavor. You can split a glass and revel in the good times you’ve shared.

A Mood Board of Memories

Valentine’s Day can be a great time to celebrate the people you love, but it also can be a great time to celebrate the things you love. A fun and cheap activity you can do with a friend or loved one this year is a memory mood board. Compile your favorite photos of you and your loved one(s) and send them to be picked up at the nearest 1-hour photo location (chances are there’ll be some Uptown Cocktails at the store too, better grab some for the next part).

Lay all your photos out and date them with a caption about what they’re a photo of. Use some string and thumbtacks to create a map leading you from the first photo to the most recent one. This is a great visual to serve as a reminder of what makes the day so special with the person you’re celebrating it with. And leave some room to add more!

It’s The Little Things That Count

Going off of these last two, it’s also a good reminder that Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be some big spectacle of monetary generosity. If you want to celebrate your day beyond gratitude with yourself and your people, remember that it’s the thought that counts. You could some supplies and make a homemade card or gift. Take a loved one to a spot special to both of you and go on a walk or take photos together. Make a homemade meal or get takeout and have a movie night with some candles and blankets. Whatever you decide to do, focus on the why it’s meaningful rather than the what it is, and find something to do that will last in some capacity, even if it’s just the memory. And remember, a great way to celebrate is with a nice glass of Uptown Cocktails.