Holiday Decor Ideas: Spruce Up Your Space - Uptown Cocktails

The holidays are a time for family and loved ones to be together and celebrate. In this time of celebration, longstanding cultural and personal traditions remain crucial to making the most of all the holidays have to offer. One of the most long-standing traditions is the art of holiday decor. Though everyone’s personal tastes and time commitments vary, there’s nothing like putting on some seasonal songs and turning your home into a wintery wonderland. Below are some simple ideas we think could make your space all the more mesmerizing this holiday season. And as always, no decorating sesh would be complete without a glass of Uptown Cocktails.

Trees Company

While you might start your holiday decor with some lights, traditional ornaments, and a star or topper of some kind, there are lots of ways to personalize and add pizzazz to your tree decorations. Almost anything compact enough can become a new ornament such as family photos and mementos or items that represent or were made based on your hobbies. You can try different colored lights and wrap them in different artistic patterns with different colored bows. You can even throw some fake snow on the edges to give it a frosty finish. With the tree looking gorgeous, everyone will feel invited to give their presents and bottles of Uptown Cocktails a cozy place to rest under.

Absolutely DeLIGHTful

Speaking of lights, you can never have too many! Indoors or outdoors, plain white or a colorful cornucopia, brighten up your holidays with some lively lights. Wrap your banisters for a fancy walk on the stairs, or . Lay some along your countertop for a brightened bar area to enjoy some Uptown Cocktails Piña Colada at. Keeping your space lit is good for raising spirits when the weather outside is dreary.

Unlimited Access(ories)

Now it’s time to accessorize. A nutcracker here, a wreath there, the possibilities are endless. Utilizing different accessories can not only show off your personality but also give your space a specific and recognizable theme. Maybe you’ll stick to a specific color scheme, or pay homage to your favorite holiday film. Maybe you’ll use decorations all from a specific time period. Or maybe you’ll just go for a traditional holiday hodgepodge. Whatever you decide, remember you can also throw some green and red Uptown Cocktails Lime and Strawberry Margarita bottles on your counter or table to remind your guests that a delicious drink is only a few shakes and a pour away.

A Little Flair Here & There

If there’s any room left, place a couple signature pieces that bring the whole space together. This could be a photo with family or loved ones that signifies holidays prior, or a personal memento that has been gifted or passed on from someone you miss and care about. You could even hang some mistletoe over our Chocolatini for a cheeky touch. We hope that however you decorate your space, your holidays are filled with all the cozy vibes.

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