Easy Frozen Sriracha Mango Margarita - Uptown Cocktails

Whether it’s at the beach, backyard, or bonfire, fun under the sun isn’t complete without a good margarita. Now, you can put the heat right into your glass with a Frozen Sriracha Mango Margarita. Pairing the spice of sriracha with our fruity Uptown Cocktails Mango Margarita, this vibrant concoction is sure to be tropically tasty.




Plate for rimming 

Margarita glass


½ teaspoon sriracha

1 slice of mango for garnish

1 cup of ice

2 cups Uptown Cocktails Mango Margarita

Coarse sea salt for rim

Lime juice for rimming


In a blender, blend Uptown Cocktails Mango Margarita, sriracha and ice.

Rim the margarita glass with coarse sea salt. 

Pour the cocktail into the glass. 

Place a slice of mango in the middle of the frozen margarita for garnish.


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