Stress-Free Halloween Activities - Uptown Cocktails

The holiday seasons can create a lot of stress for many people, and Halloween kicks them off with no exception. Costumes, candy, and all that party planning, it’s yet another signifier of lots to do in such little time. It doesn’t help that everywhere you go, there’s a plethora of decorations for sale beckoning to your wallet and promising the ultimate Halloween experience. Though this year’s spooky season might present itself as an extra hassle to your already filled schedule, there are some small ways you can celebrate it without feeling fearfully overloaded. Below we’ve compiled a few tips (and tricks) for how to stay festive with stress-free Halloween activities. And if all else fails, you can always sip on pre-mixed Uptown Cocktails.

Have a BOO-vie Night

What’s your favorite scary movie? Maybe horror isn’t your thing, but there’s a film that puts you in all the fall feels. Set aside a night for a movie marathon with all the vibes. Keep the lights low, the candles dim, and the blankets aplenty. Mix some candy into your popcorn bowl and drizzle some caramel on top for a tasty treat. Have a friend or two come over and have all of you pick your favorite film to share with each other. And finally, of course, head to the store beforehand to pick up some pre-mixed Uptown Cocktails. Try our green Margarita or orange Mango Margarita for some creepy colors!

Nature’s Produce Section

One great stress reliever is a walk in the outdoors, and during Halloween season, the colors couldn’t be prettier. Pick a day to take a walk around a local pumpkin patch or apple orchard with some friends. Make a game of it and see who can find the most oddly shaped pumpkin or the smallest apple. After your stroll (and maybe a totally fabulous photoshoot), thank the owners by picking up a pumpkin or some apples or apple cider to take home.

Get Crafty With It

Now that you have these pumpkins or apples (or both!), why not have some fun with them? Create a playlist of all your favorite Halloween/fall songs and carve some pumpkins. Either challenge your friends to see who can recreate a picture on their pumpkin best, or come up with your own crazy creations. Make some caramel apples or nutmeg ginger apple snaps and tuck them away for nights when life’s responsibilities get a little too scary. Or eat them all right away and wash them down with a delicious glass of Uptown Cocktails.

Host a Spooktacular Potluck

A definite stress free Halloween activity is to spend time with the ones you love most simply enjoying each other’s company. Host a potluck and have all your friends pitch in so the burden of planning doesn’t fall entirely on you. There are a multitude of Halloween themes you can base your potluck around, whether it be favorite candy, foods that are Halloween colors, foods reminiscent of Halloween symbols and icons, or something different altogether! Whatever you choose, make sure someone brings the Uptown Cocktails. Trust us when we say it’s shocking how refreshing they are.

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