Sticking to Your New Year Resolutions - Uptown Cocktails

It’s a new year, and if this one is anything like the others, you’ve probably decided (or been culturally forced to consider) to make some resolutions for the new year. New year new you, right? And now a few weeks into January, some of those resolutions might be starting to slip. We can’t blame you, they aren’t easy! And maybe some should rightfully and realistically fall by the wayside. But maybe there’s a goal or two you’d really like to stick with, and these are the ones that are often hardest to make stick. If you’re already down on yourself, we certainly haven’t given up on you. Below are some ways we think could help you take those resolutions and own them to the point that they eventually become just another wonderful part of who you are. And even if some days you don’t stick with them, it’s ok. Have a glass of Uptown Cocktails and get back at it tomorrow.

Embrace Your Support System

No one said you have to take on this resolution alone, and frankly, you’re probably less likely to succeed if you try. Tell your friends and family about your resolution and why it’s important to you. If they really know you, they’ll already be able to understand why this is important to you and be more than willing to help you make your resolution a reality. Depending on what it is, maybe there’s someone in your life who is already crushing it at said goal and would be a great starting point to find a support system that keeps you motivated as you take it on. These people can be there to give you that initial commitment to help, that encouragement when things get tough, and that celebration when you succeed. Do I hear a cheers with some Uptown Cocktails in your future?

Did Somebody Say Mood Board?

Time to put your crafting credentials to the test! If this is a resolution you’re particularly adamant about, chances are there’s some layers to it. But no amount of multifaceted steps to you being your best self should stop you from putting in the work. Write down what it will take to accomplish your resolution, whatever it might be. Break it down to the who, what, when, where, why and how, and note things that could get in your way or things that can make it easier for you to achieve your goal. Once this is done, visualize it in some way to keep you inspired, or even entertained. The act of writing things down and visualizing them makes it that much easier to commit to memory, and then action. And when all that brain work is done, you deserve a break. Sit back with a glass of Uptown Cocktails and revel in your creation until you realize it’s time to stop sitting and time to start doing!

Don’t Beat Yourself Up

As aforementioned, really sticking to these resolutions won’t always be easy. There will be times you want to throw in the towel and save it for next year. But the time is now, and we totally believe in you. On the days where you don’t meet your goals as well as you wish, take time to tell yourself that you’re not a failure, and that it’s all part of the process. Think about what things from that day hindered you from your goal, and mentally make a couple of action points to either eliminate those hindrances from your future or make space for them if they are a part of your regular routine. And create an incentive to celebrate the next time you accomplish something from your goal. Our advice? It involves a glass of Uptown Cocktails, but we won’t tell you what to do. Ok, maybe a little bit…