Foods that Pair Well with a Spiked Lemon Tea - Uptown Cocktails

If you were to think of the quintessential summer combo, iced tea with lemon would most likely make the list. Now, whether it’s sweet or unsweet is a debate that the northeast and south can duke out another day. We can all agree that spiked lemon tea wins out, though. For now, let’s run down some of the best food pairings for your Uptown Wine Cocktails Lemon Tea.


This cold fish dish originated in Peru and is largely seen in America as a sophisticated starter or light main course when accompanied by a salad or side dish. Traditionally, raw, white fish such as tilapia, cod, sea bass or grouper are macerated in lime and lemon juice, chiles, spices and onions until they appear “cooked.” This bright, vibrant mix of citrus and spice is the perfect pairing for a spiked lemon tea.  

Watermelon Summer Salad

Sweetness and tartness are the perfect marriage of flavors. This salad pairs perfectly with a crisp, lemon tea cocktail as its sweet companion. The base is arugula or spinach and mint, adding additional freshness. It’s topped with black onions, onions, olive oil, feta cheese, black pepper and chopped watermelon. If you and your guests are in the mood for something light, this is the perfect meal if you’re saving your calories for your cocktail.

Chicken Diavolo Pasta

As long as you don’t plan on making bowtie pasta from scratch, pasta dishes are typically an easy, quick way to feed a group of friends or family. This dish is perfect for a summer dinner because it’s relatively light, but packs a punch with a bit of spice, a great flavor to pair with citrus. This pasta traditionally has a creamy base with a hint of smoke from the spice. The roasted tomatoes add a hint of garden freshness to a dish that’s a little more hearty than the others listed.

Grilled Chicken and Mango Kabobs

Is it even summertime if you don’t have at least one grill out? Simplicity is key with kabobs and it doesn’t get easier than sprinkling skewers of chicken, mango and peppers with your spice of choice. Smokiness and sweetness are great accompanying flavors to citrus. 

Take the guesswork out of your next outdoor dinner with one of these meal combos. For more meal pairing tips, check out our new Pinterest!