Plan the Perfect Watch Party for Game Day - Uptown Cocktails

Are you trying to plan a get together with your friends but your weekends are taken up by watching the football game? Planning a watch party is a great way to get the best of both worlds. Your watch party could be as simple as sitting down and watching the game together, but we think you can spice it up a bit more. In fact, we’d love to help! We’ve put together a plan for the perfect game day party. You can pick and choose which elements would work best for yours, but we think a non negotiable would have to be including some Uptown Cocktails.

Spruce Up Your Space

If you’re watching the game to root for a specific team, get a little festive with your favorite team’s colors. You can color coordinate your napkins, plates, and other things needed for food, banners and streamers to hang over the house, and you’ll definitely want your outfit to be decked out in team gear. Something that could bring the whole space together is a killer centerpiece. You can add little football or team themed decorations, pictures of past watch parties or games gone to together, and smaller food items for people to grab and go during commercial breaks.

We’d also recommend using your centerpiece to accompany a bar area with some yummy drinks, particularly Uptown Cocktails. With several flavor options that come in several colors, we hope there’d be at least one that fits your theme. Incorporate your bottle of Uptown Cocktails as a staple of your centerpiece and arrange your glasses around it in a football team formation. Let your guests pick which player position they want their glass to be and pour them a delicious drink.

Full Tummies For Four Quarters

It goes without saying that a good watch party will have to have some great food, especially if you’re going to be serving Uptown Cocktails. Your menu is obviously up to your liking, but it’s good to have a mix of main courses and appetizers. Before the game everyone can load up on main courses and appetizers, then can go back for quick grab appetizers so they don’t miss any of the game!

Some fun ways to present your dishes could be creating a menu with your favorite team’s logo at the top and assigning each dish a position like a team roster, or arranging your foods on a tray reminiscent of a football field. You could even make foods that look like footballs or helmets or goalposts! However you decide to add some flair to your food, make sure you make more than you may think you need. When the game gets good, it’s important to keep those tummies fed! And who doesn’t love leftovers?

The Real Winners

Depending on who you ask, the best part of a watch party may be the game or the food, but we’d hope your watch party is just a vessel for a great time with great company. You can keep your watch party to yourself, invite a few friends, or make it a whole event, just so long as everyone has a fun time. And how could you not have fun if you’re enjoying some Uptown Cocktails together? That sounds like the ultimate win to us.