Ring in Spring With This Cocktail Party Plan - Uptown Cocktails

As the Winter blues melt away for the green of Spring, you might be feeling a new sense of motivation, positivity, and all around good vibes. The air is getting fresher, the sun is getting shinier, and everything is in bloom. This all around mood boost is worth celebrating, and you’re the one to put the celebration together. Spring is the perfect time to host a killer cocktail party with all your friends. You can catch up on which shows got you through the winter and which vacations you’re planning for the summer, all while sipping on something delicious (aka, Uptown Cocktails). Below we’ve laid out all you’ll need for the best cocktail party possible to ring in the Spring.

Besties Assemble

Everyone knows your party is going to be lame if no one shows up. While it may be easy to call upon a couple of always-dependable friends for a get together, we think you can take it up a notch and build the anticipation. Compile a list of your favorite friends and make some enticing invitations! Make sure you put the date, time, and place, but other than that your invitations are up to you! Here’s a free template: Cut your invites in the shape of an Uptown Cocktails bottle. On the front side, put your invitation message (name of the party, who’s hosting, letting the recipient know they’re invited) along with the date, time, and place. On the back side, put a question prompt (i.e. will you attend?) and a QR code you’ve created. This code can link to a Google form or similar template in which your guests can RSVP, add a +1 (new friends!), and let you know which Uptown Cocktails flavor is their favorite. This will make shopping a lot easier!

The Centerpiece of Attention

If your decorations are gorgeous, you’ll want to make sure the party space is just as inviting. And if you’re planning a cocktail party, your bar area needs to be a significant focal point. We think a Spring theme is a pretty safe choice for this party, so stock up on plants and floral decor and turn your space into an indoor garden! You could also get more specific and base your theme around something like no more seasonal depression or Spring cleaning. Or pick a totally different theme altogether that coincides with special aspects of you and your guests’ relationship! Head to the store and pick up a couple bottles of each requested Uptown Cocktails flavor (or set up a system for different friends to bring different bottles) and arrange them in ice buckets either on your table or bar for easy access and sharing.

Set the Bar High

Though we’d expect Uptown Cocktails to be the main beverage of choice, we won’t be snobby about it. As accompaniment, pick some fruit and juice of choice to boost the preexisting flavor or make your own flavor concoctions! Add some ice and find a blender to make frozen margaritas. Have a charcuterie potluck and ask your friends to bring some finger foods to add to a giant board you’ve prepared. At this point, the possibilities are endless and entirely up to you. All we ask is that you grab some Uptown Cocktails and put some thought into celebrating Spring with your loved ones (and us).