The Perfect Foods to Complement Mango Margaritas - Uptown Cocktails

It’s easy to think you have to go tropical with your menu when attempting to plan it around your mango margaritas. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s all about melding complementary flavors, not sticking to a theme if that’s not the vibe you’re going for. Mango Margaritas are a fun alternative to the typical flavors chosen and their bold flavors add a bit of excitement to any meal it’s accompanied with. Instantly, a humdrum salad or simple baked meat becomes more enticing. 


The easiest way to craft a menu around a flavorful cocktail such as this is to opt for dressings, cheeses or spices mild in flavor. Meats such as white fish, turkey, chicken and pork tend to take on the flavors packed into them with marinades, spices or rubs. So, a simple choice is to create light meals around one of these meats, which all pair perfectly with mango. 


With that said, it’s not always overpowering to create a menu full of flavorful dishes. The key is picking complementary flavors.  


Smokiness and char of vegetables, tofu, or meats that are grilled make for a more elevated meal because the flavors are a bit more complex. It’s also a nice choice to go with a sharp cheese or spicy sauce or rub as the sweetness of the cocktail mellows out the punch of the sharpness or spice.


Another great option is to serve these cocktails during brunch. Use a mango margarita as a base and float a bit of champagne over the top for your guests. 


Ahead of your next meal with family and friends, learn more about our Uptown Cocktails Mango Margarita.