Perfect Summer Cocktail and Activity Pairings - Uptown Cocktails

Check your thermostats, summer is here and it’s heating up fast! The older you get, the less exciting summertime might be for you, but even if you don’t get a break you deserve to have a blast. If you have memories that need to be made, we have some ideas that we think can help get you there. Below are a few planned out activities that conveniently pair perfectly with Uptown Cocktails (you think we wouldn’t bring them into this?). So get to reading, get to calling up your favorite friends, get to the store for your favorite summer cocktails, and get to making summer count! We’re rooting for you.

Farm to Table

If you’re wanting your summer to be fresh, a great place to check out is your local farmers market! With so many delicious fruits, veggies, and other snacks in season, the perfect picnic is just a trip away! We also love a supporting local business moment. Pack some Uptown Cocktails and picnic essentials like a blanket, basket, speaker, silverware, and maybe even a ✨charcuterie board✨ and head to your favorite farmers market. Once you’ve perused the produce and purchased your picnic essentials, head to a park or back home and set up all your supplies. Pour yourself a glass of Uptown Cocktails and revel in your refreshing picnic era.

PowerPoint Party

Everyone loves a good movie night, but if you’re wanting to start your summer strong, we think your plans should involve a little more banter with the besties. Enter a PowerPoint party! If you’re new to the concept, the first step is coming up with a theme. It could be something specific to you and your crew’s common interests, or a hodgepodge of individually chosen topics. Each of you will make a PowerPoint presentation in which you try to convince your audience of your stance on whatever topic you choose (the more ridiculous, the better). All that’s left is to invite everyone else and let hilarity ensue as everyone presents! Make sure to have some Uptown Cocktails ready for sipping through the silliness.

Makeover Magic

New summer, new you? We think you’re perfect just the way you are, but maybe this season you’re looking for something new. This could be a hobby you want to try, a new project to DIY, a change of wardrobe or your look, or finally reading that book that’s been sitting on your bedside table for months. Even if it’s something small, it’s okay and good to invest in yourself in the midst of responsibilities and busy schedules. Pour a glass of Uptown Cocktails and think about at least one self-care goal you want to accomplish over the next few months. Mood board it, sticky note it on your mirror, ask a friend to do it together, whatever it takes to stick to it. And then, go make it happen! If we could make one suggestion, it would be to try at least one new flavor of Uptown Cocktails. 😉

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