The Perfect Food and Strawberry Margarita Pairings - Uptown Cocktails

When it’s time to prepare a meal with multiple courses or a main dish and appetizers, it’s best for the drinks of choice to be no-brainers. Strawberry Margaritas are familiar to most and have a bold flavor that elevates the meal it’s accompanied with. Instantly, a mundane starter salad or simple soup becomes more exciting. Explore these food and strawberry margarita pairings.


Choosing dishes with mild sauces, dressings, cheeses, or seasonings is a safe bet since the cocktail has so much flavor. However, it’s not a faux pas to create a menu full of flavorful dishes either. It’s just a matter of picking complementary flavors.  


Smoky or spicy vegetables, tofu, or meats are ideal as the sweetness and tartness of the cocktail tones down the level of spice or smoke in the dish when sipped during the meal.


The host who likes a bit of adventure could also pair a strawberry cocktail with dishes featuring wild game. The complaint that many people have is the aversion to the “wild” taste of some meats. However, paired with sweet sauces, jams, or cocktails, the “wild” taste is subdued. 


No matter the menu choices, prioritize stocking up on enough cocktails. Nothing can put a damper on a mood faster than running out of drinks.

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