Summery Pineapple Colada Paletas

Pineapple Popsicles with Uptown Cocktail Pina Colada

Regardless of what anyone says, you’re never too old for a popsicle. Step up your frozen treat game this summer with summery Pineapple Colada Paletas! Filled with sweet fruit and a hint of hotness, this dessert all comes together with our Uptown Cocktails Piña Colada. So what are you waiting for? Get to dipping delight! […]

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The Perfect Foods to Complement Mango Margaritas

Man pouring Uptown Cocktails Mango Margarita

It’s easy to think you have to go tropical with your menu when attempting to plan it around your mango margaritas. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s all about melding complementary flavors, not sticking to a theme if that’s not the vibe you’re going for. Mango Margaritas are a fun alternative to […]

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The Perfect Food and Strawberry Margarita Pairings

Hands holding various colorful alcoholic beverages topped with food

When it’s time to prepare a meal with multiple courses or a main dish and appetizers, it’s best for the drinks of choice to be no-brainers. Strawberry Margaritas are familiar to most and have a bold flavor that elevates the meal it’s accompanied with. Instantly, a mundane starter salad or simple soup becomes more exciting. […]

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The Perfect Grapefruit Cocktail Pairings

Pink fizzing drinks with garnish and ice

That refreshing, pleasantly tart flavor of grapefruit is as versatile as lemon or lime, though often overlooked. Naturally, serving a grapefruit cocktail allows for endless food pairing possibilities. Whether your specialty is brunch or you have the urge to grill out, break up the monotony by serving your guests a chilled grapefruit cocktail. Then, explore […]

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The Best Piña Colada Food Pairings

Plated Tacos by the pool with frozen cocktail drinks

That sweet, refreshing cocktail that you sip on the beach can now be enjoyed in your own home. What better way to celebrate the arrival of summer than with a dinner party and piña coladas? Though the possibilities for piña colada food pairings may seem limited, there are actually lots of great options for shareable […]

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Foods that Pair Well with a Spiked Lemon Tea

Iced tea with lemon and ice inside a glass

If you were to think of the quintessential summer combo, iced tea with lemon would most likely make the list. Now, whether it’s sweet or unsweet is a debate that the northeast and south can duke out another day. We can all agree that spiked lemon tea wins out, though. For now, let’s run down […]

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Five Foods that Pair with a Margarita

Margarita in glass with lime and ice

Pairing tart, citrus cocktails with food is a balancing act between the tartness and accompanying flavors. For this reason, it’s easiest to pick the right dishes by steering clear of citrus-heavy dishes. Instead, opt for mild, fresh flavors with only a hint of lemon or lime, if needed. Go with a dish with a spicy […]

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