Thanksgiving Cocktail: Hot Toddy

Thanksgiving cocktail made with Uptown Cocktails Ruby Red Grapefruit

Though it may be a tradition in your home to have a glass of wine or a cold cocktail on Thanksgiving, it’s always good to switch up the monotony. This year, opt for a hot toddy for your Thanksgiving cocktail — no matter you have it as you cook, during your meal, or as you and your family and friends are huddled around the TV to watch the game. Uptown Cocktails Ruby Red Grapefruit is a bold, flavorful cocktail on its own. Pairing it with tea unlocks a bevy of new flavor notes. Here’s what you’ll need to make this super simple drink.




1 English Breakfast  tea bag 

1 oz Uptown Cocktails Ruby Red  Grapefruit 

1 lemon wedge 


After allowing a bag of English Breakfast tea to steep in a mug, pour  1 oz of Uptown Cocktails Ruby Red Grapefruit into the mug.

Serve on a saucer with a lemon wedge.

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